Monday, September 1, 2014

If Only They Never Met a Psychiatrist

We found this story from CNN about Will Bruce who killed his mother violently, but was “treated” by psychiatry and was incarcerated in a mental health prison. He is now released as this is a fifty year program set up in the State of Maine.
According to the CNN report Will Bruce was incarcerated before and then released. According to the reports he refused “treatment”. After this initial release he subsequently killed his mother within two months, so he is now on his second release. His current release is subject to him checking in often and staying medicated. Hmm, I guess the State of Maine thinks psych meds work.
This is all a special state program in Maine which allows violently mentally ill people to get treatment after crimes in lieu of going to prison. Riverview Psychiatric Center in Maine has many more patients who have killed, and have a potential for release.
Now this report is pro-mental health and it pushes to politicians to provide funds and allow programs like this to be implemented in many States.
What this report doesn’t talk about is that psychotropic drugs have been and continue to be part of violent crimes in America. Many, many campus and offices killings have murderers taking psychotropic drugs. The government, and media seem to immunize pharma drugs as the catalyst for violent killings. The doctors and psych’s are also immune to responsibility. What programs like this in Maine now show many violent criminals are now on release compelled to take medication as part of that release.
These are violent convicted criminals on the streets with drugs in their system. In our view that is a powder keg. Psychiatry has no solution to mental illness. Again, as we have said many times before. Psychiatry is the father of strait-jackets, electric shock “treatment”, lobotomies, and psychotropic drugs use.
Psychiatry has a history of death.

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