Sunday, April 27, 2014

Suicidal Mother Stabs infant son to death in Livermore, Ca.

The media and your Senator Can’t Blame the Gun, so nobody will be their target

It gives us no joy to report another suicidal person killing another. In this case her own 7 month old son. The San Jose Mercury News reports that the mother Ashley Renee Newton was believed to be suffering from depression stabbed her 7 month old son to death in a remote part of Camp Arroyo inside Del Valle Regional Park Saturday April 26, 2014, authorities said. End San Jose News Report.
The 24-year-old woman has since been arrested on suspicion of murder. This is another person believed to be depressed using a knife to kill her child after unsuccessfully trying to kill herself. It is very likely she was using some form of antidepressant, and under the care of a doctor or psychiatrist. Neither of which will ever take responsibility for the end result of their prescription and or “care”. Their practice is subscribe and don’t care. The pharmaceutical firm will never have to take responsibility of the failure of their drug. A seven month old dead at the hands of her mother and a mother destined for a life in prison. Strangely this is a normal day in America.
Nothing will be done about unless you the consumer stands up to your doctor and pharmaceutical firm.

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