Sunday, March 16, 2014

More Adults Than Ever on ADHD Drugs, and Xanax as a street Drug. BigPharma’s New Market Designer Drugs?

There are valid concerns that children are over medicated in the US, but now a report shows a 50% increase in adult use of ADHD drugs from 2008-2012. Women especially have shown an increase in use mostly within the ages of 26 to 34. Why would so many women in this age group need ADHD drugs? A theory is that they are using them for weight maintenance.

An explanation maybe that ADHD stimulants may give patients the feeling of being full and, at the same time, drive up their metabolic rate which burns more calories. We guess as so many of the X and Y generations have been drugged as teenagers that it is easy for them to continue taking them. Adults 26 to 34 should be the most active age group in society. There are many alternatives to using a drug, but this generation wants short cuts and not a more wholesome lifestyle.

Speaking of unwholesome lifestyles, Justin Beiber was found to have Xanax in his DUI toxicology report. Not sure why these reports get leaked so much, but why would he need Xanax? We are not sure if they were prescribed to him as an anti-depressant, or he gets them because one of the side effects is that it arouses you. The most common side effects of Xanax according to website is feeling sad or empty, lack of appetite, lack of interest or pleasure, sleepy or tired. Well this doesn't sound like this stops depression to us. These horrible side effects of this drug gets even worse please read about the full side effects of this drug as it is too long to print here. The full side effects are awful, and very depressing. But a possible side effect for X and Y gen is that it can make people feel sexy. So do young adults (using loosely) like Justin Beiber feel this rare side effect? Or do they need this narcotic pleasure?

Either way young adults seem to be using these pharmaceutical drugs as a designer drug for alternative uses. Are doctors so loose in prescribing them? Looks like doctors don’t even interview patients and just write a prescription just for the money and kickbacks.

It is a sad conclusion to the future of America when young adults look to Pharma as a resource for meeting the opposite sex or maybe the same sex. Big Pharma doesn't discriminate they only kill.

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