Thursday, January 2, 2014

ADHD is a life-long condition? Sounds Like Cradle to Grave With Pharma

Several recent news releases indicated people who had ADHD diagnosed in childhood will probably have it into their adult years according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control 2013 study. Really? How on earth did humans survive the Dark ages, Roman Empire, even Jurassic Period. How can the human race go on without the help of BigPharma? Sounds like 11% of US children 3 to 17 (for now) can’t make it without that antidepressant if you believe this CDC study. A News report quotes here: “We tend to think that ADHD is a lifetime condition,” said psychiatrist J. J. Sandra Kooij of the Netherlands. “You don’t outgrow it.” ADHD adults married to spouses who share organizational duties tend to cope well, as do those who find careers that avoid the hurdles imposed by desk jobs, Kooij said. End Quote.

Really Doctor? Ask any psychiatrist to show you a test that proves ADHD. There isn’t a test period. ADHD is an opinion from a psychiatrist. In truth it is an opinion that generates cash flow and looks like life long cash to the psych. “There is no blood or other biological test to ascertain the presence or absence of a mental illness, as there is for most bodily diseases. If such a test were developed…then the condition would cease to be a mental illness and would be classified, instead, as a symptom of a bodily disease.” —Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, New York University Medical School, Syracuse

Even if you believe this nonsense that one can have ADHD for life, then think about it in this manner. What does it say about psychiatry that you can only cope with this “disease” on a drug? Why can’t they heal you like a doctor heals a broken arm, or something more serious? Where is the study or system that psychiatry can show you a path to eliminate your illness? Where are the psychiatrists with a proven track record in eliminating mental illness? There are none. They only sedate you with a drug, hence the big BigPharma connection. Psychiatry’s genesis stems from lobotomies, straight jackets, electric shock to massive drugging. Who would trust a psychiatrist with this kind of track record? Only the government would.

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