Sunday, October 13, 2013

"MasterChef" Runner-Up Joshua Marks Found Dead of a Gunshot to his Head

Media reports indicate that this happened late this past Friday in an alley on Chicago's south side Friday night, police said.
Investigators have not yet ruled whether Marks, who has publicly acknowledged suffering from bipolar disorder, committed suicide.
Marks, 26, was runner-up in the final round of the Fox reality cooking show. The young aspiring chef had a scuffle with police three months ago according to a CNN article.
Marks told police at that time he had been possessed by "MasterChef" judge Gordon Ramsay, who turned him into God.
Marks spoke openly about his mental illness for a suicide awareness program.
A determination of suicide would not be made until an autopsy is completed. Police need to complete their investigation by viewing video tapes and talking to witnesses, before and if they can rule out foul play.
If this tragedy of a young chef is ruled a suicide then you can target psychotropic drugs as a culprit in terminating this young mans life. Unfortunately, the doctor, psychiatrist and pharmaceutical company will not be held to account or blame. Psychiatry has no shame, responsibility or accountability for their actions. They can hide behind their license, media and government. I mean if your patient died by suicide after seeking your services then wouldn’t you feel guilt and responsibility? You would have to have a heart and a mind though. Psychiatry is a dead science and the “doctors” are just zombies. If patients asked their psychiatrist before they accepted their advice by asking “How many of your patients have committed suicide or taken others lives” If they had the guts to answer truthfully then you can fired them before you hire them. You can ask the same of the other head of the two headed monster, BigPharma.
Maybe a psychiatrist can adorn their wall with images of their deceased patients at their hands instead of their worthless credentials and school accreditation. You as consumer can fire your psychiatrist and refuse psychotropic drugs before you or your loved ones go down this path. It is really up to you, you have a say and a choice in this matter.

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