Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Navy Shipyard Killer Aaron Alexis Most Likely on Psychotropic Drugs

A headline recently by CNN was: Why did the suspected shooter Aaron Alexis shoot 12 people indiscriminately. Well what CNN and other news agencies and the government will not tell you is that psychotropic drugs kill and they are the elixir to mania and the main cause of these never ending mass killings. Even President Obama was quoted by news sources that the shooter(s) were cowards. Maybe he was alluding to a potential terrorist attack on a military base?

According to some news sources Aaron Alexis was suffering from mental issues including paranoia, and hearing voices in his head. He had sought treatment from the Veteran Administration for these problems. His family members also confirmed that Aaron was treated for mental issues. Treatment for mental issues equals psychotropic drugs. Psychotropic drugs are psychiatry’s only solution. They have not come far from the lobotomy. Nidal Hasan (Fort Hood shooter) who was convicted of killing 13 people was considered a work place violence incident. The Fort Hood shooter was a military psychiatrist who prescribed himself psychotropic drugs. But that was hardly mentioned in news reports and the trial.

So to answer CNN’s blatantly obvious question why did Aaron Alexis kill 12 innocent people. Looks to the psychotropic drugs and no further. The fact that this was so close to Washington D.C. do you think Congress and the President will look to investigate the effects of psychotropic drugs as the cause to all the mass shootings? No unlikely they will look to the obvious. They looked at the guns after Sandy Hook, they looked to work place violence at Ft. Hood, and they didn’t even look at Michael Brandon Hill.

There is a cozy relationship between Bigpharma the government and the media. The only person that will do the looking is you.

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