Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ADHD Fraud Continues as White Kids Most Likely to be Diagnosed, Watch Out Minorities

A new study recently published in the journal Pediatrics by author Paul Morgan an associate professor of education at Pennsylvania State . This was a study of 17000 kindergarten children from 1998 to 1999 and continued to 8th grade.
Paul Morgan claims that parents of seven percent of white children reported an ADHD diagnosis. In comparison, only three percent of black children and four percent of Hispanic children had been diagnosed.
Our view and many others view is that ADHD is an absolute fraud. It is just a means of Bigpharma drug pushing and an attempt to validate invoices by Psychiatrists and uncaring Doctors. Why is it a fraud? Well it is the number one diagnosed mental health “disorder” for children in the U.S. That is a red flag because even the author admits.
There is no single test to diagnose ADHD and many of the symptoms may be associated with other causes. Hearing and visions test may be used to rule out other problems. Doctors may talk with parents, teachers and sometimes the child himself to make a diagnosis. So what happens is you have a fidgety child in a doctors office and the doctor says oh your child might have ADHD. End result the child in on an antidepressant, and labeled and screwed for life.
Here is another watch out mom: Boys are more likely to be diagnosed than girls. Being raised by an older mother and growing up in an English speaking home raised the likelihood of a diagnosis as did certain types of problem behaviors. So if you speak English to your boy, well then that child has ADHD??
The good news for minority children is that the study also found that minority children were less likely than white children to receive medication to treat ADHD. The bad news is that minority homes will be target number one from here on out. And more bad news for your child, according to the CDC: Once diagnosed, the treatments may include taking medication and behavioral therapy. They also indicate an early diagnosis can help a child reach his or her full potential.
The CDC (Center for Disease Control) is in on the fraud. All we need is an arbitrary diagnosis, and your child is on psychotropic drugs from cradle to grave?.
Could it maybe diet? Too much sugar? Lack of parental control and discipline of your child. Naw, Drugs are the answer? Right???

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