Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tragic Suicide of a Talented Country Singer Mindy McCready

Back in September of 2005 country singer Mindy McCready was hospitalized after overdosing on antidepressants after an argument with a family member.
According to a Nashville police report, McCready became angry and took about 30 antidepressant pills. Now it has been reported she committed suicide from a gunshot. The USAtoday reporter Liz Szabo has highlighted her death and the role of guns in suicide. Reporters love to talk about guns and violence but they never ever refer to the connection of antidepressants and suicide. Although, thoughts of suicide is on the label and part of the Bigpharma’s diclosure that their drugs can increase suicide. The truth is Psychiatry kills and their weapon has been psychotropic drugs. Their cover has been the media.

Mindy McCready’s death is a total tragedy as has the overuse of psychotropic drugs in the US and the world. In virtually all the mass school and mall shootings the gunman has been on some kind of psychotropic drug, but the government and media always says it is the gun that did the killing. It is never the pharmaceutical chemical that was the elixir that depressed the person so much to commit suicide.

Mindy McCready should be remembered for her fantastic talent and contribution the country music. It is unfortunate she was unable to control her depression. She left some uplifting music for others.

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