Monday, October 1, 2012

Psychiatrist accused of Faking Dementia Denied Bail

A San Francisco Bay Area psychiatrist bail was renounced. Prosecutors say he faked dementia in order to avoid retrial on charges he molested five young male patients The San Mateo County Superior Court will not make a final ruling for William Ayres, 80, of San Mateo until the issue of the fallen psychiatrist's mental competency for trial has been resolved. Though state psychiatrists have said Ayres is mentally well enough for retrial on nine counts of child molestation, Ayres defense attorney Jonathan McDougall has challenged that finding. The accused Psychiatrist has been in San Mateo County jail since August 1st. He was in a Napa Hospital until late July when Hospital employees indicated his dementia is exaggerated or fake. William Ayres has said in his defense on the molestation charges that he was performing physical exams on the five young males who testified against him. The jury was hung on the verdict, but prosecutors are attempting a second trial. The next hearing is scheduled for later this month.

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