Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Colorado has the Dark Knight and Colombine Killers do they have Antidepressants in Common also? He was seeing a Psychiatrist and they almost always prescribe Psychotropic Drugs

Some in the media have hinted that the Aurora, CO shooter's behavior was blamed on depression, being bullied, belonging to various organizations, having a variety of cultural influences, moral failings, and political policies. Mostly they blamed guns, why because it fits the left wing dominant media’s political leanings. Thus far the media and police have not targeted prescription drugs for depression which causes among many side effects, anger, and mania. It is not clear yet whether the shooter even felt depressed. We hope the police took a blood test to see what was in this creeps body. The shooter didn’t have a criminal history, but he turn the music loud in his apartment and left the door open, so a neighbor would likely barge in and be blow up by the booby tramps. Police have speculated that was a plan to draw attention to his apartment, so he could kill at the theatre while police were busy elsewhere. If that was his plan it didn’t work. Time will tell for sure if this mass murderer was using psychotropic drugs, or not as it will come out in a toxicology report or the trial. It is a doctor patient privilege for the moment. He was seeing a psychiatrist and virtually one for one they prescribe psychotropic drugs as that is their only solution. Almost all of these mass murder events have involved antidepressants. Like Columbine, Virginia Tech it goes on and on, go to Psychotropic drugs like Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI), commonly known as anti-depressants can lead to violence as a result of psychotic breaks The side effects associated with these selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are suicide and violence against others is called by the term 'akathisia.', SSRI's can create a combination of side effects that reduce impulse control and cause severe agitation or restlessness that may become intolerable. If he suffered from depression, or saw a psychiatrist or an MD at the University then he would have been given an antidepressant. That is all psychiatrists do is give patients antidepressants. They had them out like water. Oh you feel depressed then take these SSRI’s. That is it, as psychiatry has no clue about mental health. Has mental health gotten better the last 50 years? Or worse? Our answer is worse. What do you think? Our view is eliminating antdepressants and you will not have these events again.

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