Friday, June 3, 2011

Dianetics as an Alternative to Anti-Depressants and Psychiatry

We located the following information on Dianetics via their website. Dianetics was released in 1950 and the author L. Ron Hubbard via his extensive research found techniques to handle the single source of one’s fears, anxieties and stresses. Through Dianetics he found the solution in overcoming personal problems that are often met in today’s society with a prescription pills or street drugs. Psychotropic Drugs just cover up ones underlying situation, and destroys lives with horrific side effects. While the very viable alternative Dianetics can uncover the single source of psychosomatic ills, depression, stress, self-doubt and instability. People who have read and practice Dianetics have indicated that they increased their natural abilities rather than destroying them, and relieved themselves of depression, and have full control of their life. There are no side effects with Dianetics as you begin by reading the book and get personal knowledge and awareness. The practice and use of Dianetics is by going to a Dianetic or Scientology Mission or Org. You can learn how to know more about yourself and your true natural capabilities. According to Dianetics website you can also get information via a DVD.

A testimonial on Dianetics and Scientology
“I just feel like the anger that was stored in my mind toward other people is gone. I feel very relieved. I can express myself without being scared of anyone. I feel more powerful than my past. I want to be more successful and to see other people doing good as well. I love to be around people with positive energy because that is the key to success.” – C.A
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Do you want to live with psychotropic side effects or do you want to be cured.

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