Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why would a 7 year old Foster Child Commit Suicide by Hanging? The Number One Culprit Today is BigPharma and Psychiatry

Senator Rhonda Storms is forwarding a Florida Senate Bill 2718 through the legislator that can prevent similar unfortunate deaths. From CBSnews Edicio Martinez-The apparent suicide of 7-year old Gabriel Myers, who was taking several psychiatric medications, has led to the introduction of a bill in the Florida legislature. It would assure that powerful mental health drugs dispensed to Florida foster care children would be more closely monitored. It is now moving through the Florida legislature.
The proposal is largely based on the findings of a task force formed after Gabriel locked himself in a bathroom and hung himself with a shower cord last April. Gabriel at the time of his death was on Seroquel "Quetapine Fumerate" made by Astra Zenaca which is too commonly prescribed by psychiatrists to treat bipolar disorder. Seroquel and other psychiatric drugs have been linked by federal regulators for their potentially dangerous side effects, including suicide, but the side effects and risks have not been communicated to foster parents. There has been an enormous amount of foster kid’s overprescribed psychotropic drugs particularly in Florida, but also across the US. The measure would require an independent review before psychotropic drugs can be administered to children under ten. Senator Storms is pushing for more “talk therapy”, because of the over prescription of antidepressants by psychiatry.
Senator Storms has also asked the Florida Board of Medicine and the Agency for
Health Care Administration to investigate the Broward County psychiatrists who prescribed the drugs to little Gabriel. The Miami Herald reports that one doctor has been red flagged by the Board of Medicine, but no disciplinary action thus far.

It is all about the money. Psychiatrist’s see a patient in less than fifteen minutes and prescribed a drug with fatal side effects. They simply have no care for the patient. This unnecessary death shows the heartless and disaffected indifference for young children caught in the system. Without a parent to defend them they are left to disinterested doctors to just prescribe a drug that they know doesn’t work. When will it end? It will only end when mother and fathers wake up and smell what is brewing.

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