Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Orwellian Healthy Americans Act to Usher in New Police State in America

The current Health Bill (House bill H.R. 3200) has mental health parity as part of its Health Plan. This parity is set to provide equal opportunity for non-science psychiatry to be equivalent to a medical doctor’s scientific opinion on health. Psychiatric patients are traditionally considered “cured” when their insurance benefits run out. In the upcoming bill “Healthy Americans Act, the compensation to psychiatry will not run out. All the psychiatrist has to do is forward their unscientific opinion on whether a patient is cured or not. The legislation is essentially a multi billion dollar taxpayer fund to psychiatrists. Psychiatry’s only remedy is mass psychotropic drugging. It used to be electric shock treatment, lobotomies, and straitjackets, but they found big allies with Pharmaceutical companies, the FDA and now Congress.
The Senate bill includes an early identification of development and behavior problems of children at risk. There are billions allocated for “treatment”, screening, crisis prevention, and counseling for psychiatric care. Most people will not visit a psychiatrist today, but in the future it could be mandatory for Americans starting with your child, who will then be lifetime clients of psychiatry and BigPharma. There is also funding for “interventions” for seniors. The days (1950’s) of the men in the white coats in an unmarked truck picking up your family member have returned. Grandma will return a month later all drugged up and “cured”.
Also, a new “paraprofessional child and adolescent mental health worker” is in the proposal. The legislation states that this is an individual who is not a mental or behavioral health service professional, but who works at the first stage of contact with children and families who are seeking mental or behavioral health services.” This would be known in the 40’s as Hitler youth informants for the psychiatric SS.
The House bill (H.R. 3200) includes an establishment of School Based Health Clinics for mental health assessment for teen screening, “treatment” (drugging), counseling, and emergency psychiatric care. The school psychiatrist treats, and drugs your child, and the parent has no say in the matter. Every parent should be mortified if this were to occur. It also includes all 374 diagnoses in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). The originator of the DSM has confirmed that psychiatry has no effective treatment or cure for psychiatric disorders. Psychiatrists have been interviewed and have said the DSM is non-science without any scientific background to justify or validate such disorders as ADHD, sibling rivalry disorder, sexual orientation disturbance, and borderline personality disorder, Bi-Polar, mathematics disorder and other nonsense syndromes and disorders.
The bill essentially provides for unlimited mental health benefits. As there is no objective or medical test for psychiatric disorders, this is a virtual blank check to the mental health industry. It’s a bill so psychiatry can bill. These bills have George Orwell 1984 written all over them. There are enough made up syndromes and disorders to put all Americans on a drug, or an invoice. There is no wonder why Americans are angry over this proposal. Congress loves to include all pet projects, and assist campaign donors in their bills. These bills are a special interest bonanza.
We urge you to contact your congressperson ( and Senator ( and ask that they remove all Mental Health Parity and Mental Health aspects from the bill. This is your time to act and stop a potential police state before it is too late.

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