Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cancer, HIV and Autism have a Natural Cure that Pharmaceutical Firms and the FDA Don’t Want the Public to Have or even Know About

The nagalase enzyme pinpoints the GcMAF sites and attacks the electron bond which kills the naturally producing GcMAF. Nagalase is found in vaccines. GcMAF is natural in the human body and its production helps fight autism, HIV and cancer. Holistic doctors like Dr. Jeff Bradstreet found that nagalase is causing autism while GcMAF is the antidote. Thusly, autism is being caused by the introduction of a vaccine which has nagalase inside it. Who produces this nagales riddled vaccine? Pharmaceutical companies. Pharma, the FDA with psychiatry is part of the three headed self interested monster. Recently the State of California and other US States have passed laws to force child vaccines to be administered or a child can’t even attend school. They claim that not vaccinating a child is dangerous to other children. State government is the fourth head of the apocalyptic monster.

Well there is a solution to some of the worst diseases today. Dr. Bradstreet made the discovery in his research and created GcMAF in a lab to fight the nagalese. GcMAF is illegal if lab produced in the US since the FDA killed its use as they indicate it has no real curing properties. What is even more interesting is that Dr. Bradstreet who was being investigated by the FDA was found dead three days after a raid. He was found floating in a North Carolina river with a gunshot to the chest. Investigators say it was suicide, but this is almost impossible. The gunshot wound was to the chest at close range, and the gun was found in the river. Why would a doctor on the brink of a world curing discovery kill himself? It appears pharma has a hit squad. Additionally, GcMAF also looks to retard cancer cells, so the body can fight cancer by itself. GcMAF is a protein which is produced by the modification of a vitamin D binding protein. Holistic doctors and proponents indicate it has antitumor properties which strengthens the immune system.

Pharmaceutical companies produce the vaccines that are injected in every child across the US. Additionally, cancer therapy in the US is a $100 billion business. These firms look to gain tremendously with the continuation of cancer, HIV, and autism by there drug and vaccine production.

A solution to being cornered by the government, and their Nazi pharmaceutical calibrators is Goleic. Goleic can be found in Germany and parts of Europe and is sold as a vitamin supplement. It can be purchased for 450 euros plus shipping costs and mailed to the US. If one has any of the issues above then you may have a natural solution you can take in your own home. That is low cost and life changing healthcare. You will not find that in US hospitals or from pharma drug pushing doctors.
The only thing life changing in the US is the high cost health care with exorbitant bills. So called ‘medicines’ that don’t cure you but kill you slowly.

For more information on the mysterious deaths of thirteen holistic doctors deaths go to youtube and type 13 Dead the Holistic Doctor Conspiracy

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